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How to Export your Shopify Store to Google Sheet

Integrating your Shopify store data with Google Sheets streamlines operations by enabling real-time data analysis and customizable reporting.


Before you get started, ensure you have the following:

  • At least one Shopify Account from which to transfer data.

  • At least one Google account where your Google Sheets will be stored.

  • An eCommix Account.

Step 1: Log into eCommix

First, log into your eCommix account.

Step 2: Connect your Shopify Stores

Navigate to the "Stores" section and click on "Connect":

Follow the on-screen instructions. Click on the "eCommix - Google Sheets Sync" link:

You'll be taken to the Shopify App Install page. Next, proceed by clicking on "Install".

This action redirects you to a page where you'll authorize permissions for your store. Confirm by clicking on "Install" once more:

An email containing the Store Connection Key will be sent to the email address associated with your Shopify Store account. Copy the code from your email, then select "Use Connection Key":

Enter the Code and click "Connect":

After this, your store will be added to eCommix and ready for use:

Step 3: Connect your Google Accounts

Go to the "Connections" section:

Click on "New." You will be redirected to Google Sign In. Log into the account of your choice, granting all necessary permissions for creating Sheets and updating them with your store's data:

After continuing, your Google Account will be added as a connection in eCommix:

Step 4: Create your First Export

Now that you have your store and Google Account connected, it's time to create your first export. Navigate to "Exports" and click on "New":

Select your Store from the list:

Choose the dataset you wish to export:

Select the fields from the dataset you want to export:

You can filter rows by a specific field if you prefer not to extract all records:

Select the Google Account where the Google Sheet containing your store's data will be created:

Schedule your export to run automatically, syncing your data every hour, day, or week as needed:

Click on "Export" to start transferring your data:

Step 5: Access your Exported Data

Click on the created export to open the sheet:

Your data is now ready for you to analyze and work with:

Wrapping Up

With this simple yet powerful setup, you've unlocked a seamless flow of data from your Shopify store to Google Sheets, enabling you to manage and analyze your e-commerce information more effectively.

By automating the data import process, you save valuable time and gain real-time insights into your business's performance.

Whether you're looking to improve customer retention, streamline your shipping process, or share up-to-date sales reports, this integration between Shopify and Google Sheets through eCommix is your gateway to making more informed decisions and driving your business forward. Embrace this integration and watch as it transforms your approach to e-commerce data management, propelling your store to new heights.

Ready to sync your Shopify store to Google Sheets? Export your data now.

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