Introducing Reports

Reports enable you to aggregate data in various ways, such as grouping products or variants by highest sales, units sold, and more.


Introducing our new reporting feature that takes your data exports to the next level. Previously, your Shopify store data was exported as raw data directly from datasets. Now, with this new functionality, our app not only extracts the raw data but also creates a new sheet with consolidated insights. This includes aggregations such as the sum of total sales, units sold, and highlights of your top-selling products.

This enhancement is designed to help you make the most of Google Sheets’ powerful features, like QUERY and ARRAYFORMULA, making it easier to group and analyze your data in meaningful ways. While users could already perform these actions manually, our new reports serve as a catalyst to unlock the full potential of your data.

When you create an export, look for the newly labeled reports:

Once created, you'll get a spreadsheet similar to this:

As you can see at the bottom, you now have the usual "Data" sheet along with new sheets such as "Sales by Product," "Sales by Variant," and "Sales by Vendor."

If you open any of these:

You'll see Net Sales and Unit Sold for each Product.

How this is achieved?

Click on the "Product" header to view its formula:

This query uses Google Sheets functions to create a consolidated report of Net Sales and Units Sold for each product. Here’s a breakdown of what the formula does:

  1. ARRAYFORMULA: This function allows the formula to handle ranges instead of single cells, making it possible to process multiple rows of data at once.

  2. QUERY: This function is used to run a SQL-like query on the provided dataset, enabling advanced data manipulation and aggregation.

  3. INDEX: This function retrieves values from specified rows and columns in a given range. It’s used here to extract specific columns from the "Data" sheet.

The result is a table that lists each product, the total net sales, and the total units sold, ordered by the highest net sales. This makes it easy to see which products are performing best in terms of sales and quantity sold.

Stay tuned for future reports we'll be releasing!

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